Protecting one’s roof is a core beginner to protecting one’s home. Your home is the most valuable asset. Roof restoration is the rejuvenation and upgrading of an existing roof so as to stop or slow down the deterioration process of a roof. It basically involves a wide range of roofs which can be terracotta roof tiles or concrete roof tiles as well as metal roofs.

Roof Restoration Brisbane and Surrounds

Three roofers working on a roof restoration projectBased in Brisbane, we are a local business offering roof painting and roof restoration services. Roof restoration is found to be more economical and cost effective as it saves on resources and time leaving the roof of your house glittering as if it has been newly replaced. This can be done depending on the client’s preference.

Is your roof leaking? Are your tiles cracking or making weird sounds? Are you in dire need of roof restoration? Is your roof looking old and worn out? Probably you need us. It is the right time to seek our Brisbane based company to offer you the best roof restoration services needed by your roof. You don’t have to think much of which company you can trust, just look at the experience and professionalism of the companies around you. Our roofing services exude all qualities with their first class experience, excellent training on how to conduct work as well as passionate and professional painters.

Not only is our team fully licensed and insured it is also accredited and recognised by the Housing Industry Association (HIA) which is a leading body of the roofing industry and we adhere to the predetermined and strict guidelines pertaining our industry. This makes it clear that our highly experienced roofing contractors are the best option for all your home or commercial roof painting and roof restoration brisbane jobs.

Roof Restoration Advantages for Your Brisbane House

The advantages of roof restorations in Brisbane (QLD) are both physical and economical. Roof restoration gives an aesthetic look of the house by covering the old discoloured roofs, it prevents roof leakage in case the roof was allowing moisture to pass through it, saves on cost of roof replacement as one will not be forced to buy new roofing materials which might alter the budget margin of the client. Roof restoration allows your family to continue staying in the house as the restorations are done since it does not consume a lot of time, manpower and energy as compared to roof replacement.

Tile (Cement or Terracotta) Roof Restoration Process

  1. Roof Cleaning to remove dirt, moss and debris which stains the roof. Paint will stick better to last a longer period of time, with a better finish
  2. Broken Tile Replacement to maintain structural integrity of the roof
  3. Rebedding – Performed to prevent cracked or loose mortar from under your tiles falling out and making the tiles loose. The ridging tiles, along with all the old mortar is removed to ensure when it comes time to seal the ridging tiles they will be sturdy, and no moisture will leak through
  4. Repointing – Application of a cement bonding agent around the edges of the tiles to ensure no water can enter. This stage of the roof restoration finishes off the ridging tiles replacement, and any other loose tiles on the roof, securing them from the natural elements. It also gives the tile roof a pleasing ascetic look
  5. Apply Roof Sealant – A coat of sealer is painted onto the roof to prevent tiles from becoming porous, therefore absorbing moisture and then more likely to break. The roof tile sealant creates a barrier between the tiles and the water itself, in addition to ensuring that none of the new roof paint is absorbed by the tiles
  6. Roof Painting (or Terracotta Glaze for terracotta tiles) is the final step. Once the final coat is applied, your tile roof restoration is complete and ensures you’re restored roof looks rejuvenated and has magnificent street appeal!

Final coating being applied on a tile roof restoration in Brisbane, QLD.
The aim of the company is to provide the best possible Brisbane roof restoration services to our clients at a reasonable price. Our customers are offered procedural progress reports of the roof restoration as it takes place to ensure the work is completed as expected and to their satisfaction, giving peace of mind.

Remember your call will be highly appreciated and our experienced team members can visit your building or home at your convenient time. Our service areas cover all suburbs on Brisbane’s Northside and Southside.
We’ll make your old tired roof look striking and new again with our roof restoration Brisbane services.