Electrical storm over Brisbane, QLD

How The Australian Climate Can Affect Your Roof

Queensland is such an amazing place to live, the people are friendly, the beaches are among the best in the world and as the saying goes it is “beautiful one day, perfect the next”. It can come at a price sometimes though when it comes to coping with the climate and making sure we are prepared for weather events, storm season and the general impact the everyday climate can have on us and our home.

Just like we should slip, slop, slap to protect our skin from the harsh UV rays, it’s important to protect our roofs from the everyday climate and Brisbane weather conditions that come with each season.

Do you know the age of your roof?
Do you know the current condition of your roof?
Are you confident it can withstand the storm season and harsh summer sun and UV rays?

Think of the roof on your house like a really good sun hat, beanie or umbrella. We rely on each of these at some point to protect our heads, depending on the conditions outside.

Ensuring your roof is protected will ensure that you get maximum life out of it and you are protected from damage that an unstable or leaky roof can bring.

Preventative roof maintenance is important, no matter whether it’s a tin or tile roof. And it’s a great time to attend to this when the weather is sunny and dry. If you wait for damage to occur, the lead time to repair can be lengthy due to the high volume of work.

We are happy to come out at an agreed time and do an inspection on your roof and provide a quote for your roof repairs and maintenance.

Mother nature can often throw us a curve ball. Would you rather be prepared or deal with the consequences when it’s too late?