There’s no denying that a majority of home-owners pay little, if any attention at all to the roof of their homes. And mostly because only a few of us with a keen eye for detail will see this part of the property. If anything, you can only see it clearly and up close if you take the trouble to climb up on top of the house – like in the case of a small leak.
Either way, even though some home-owners may be tempted to ignore it, it should go without saying that any responsible property owner ought to be on the front line of taking timely measures to ensure the longevity of their home, including prompt roof repair, roof painting and roof restoration as needed.

At the end of the day, the roof forms the first line of defence against weather vagaries such as winds, scorching sun, Brisbane storms, etc. Speaking of which, regular roof painting is not only one of the easiest ways of maintaining the state of a roof but also the cheapest compared to other alternatives such as galvanising or a full structural replacement.

Roof painting processThat said, here’s a quick overview of the often commonly overlooked benefits of hiring a professional roof painter every once in a while.

  1. Extends the Life of Your Roof
    There’s no refuting that regularly applying a protective layer of your roof and making an effort to maintain through regular repainting prevents water from coming into direct contact with the roofing material, be it metal (iron sheets), tiles or otherwise. Have it in the back of your mind that water is considered to be among the most corrosive and damaging natural elements a home owner has to deal with. Hence, it is worth investing a significant effort in keeping this at bay.
  2. Prevents Repeated Rusting and Corrosion
    Contrary to what most people think, rust does more damage to your metal roof than simply lessening its aesthetics value. For starters, rust is a form of oxidation which has the capacity to eat through the roofing structure and weakening its mechanical integrity. Which, of course, explains why badly rusted roofs rarely hold up for more than a few seasons.

    Secondly, with rust comes numerous leakages, holes and cracks which only serve to permit the entrance of water especially during a heavy downpour. In severe cases, this water may make its way to the ceiling or metal underneath and weaken it as well. Even worse, it may also come into contact with some of the most vulnerable parts of the house such as the electrical wiring, insulation and the woodwork. For the latter, a termite infestation can often quickly follow.

  3. Removes Stains and Improves your Property’s Resale Value
    Potential buyers will always analyse a home’s aesthetic value, as well as its perceived and functional worth. That’s the reason you will have a harder time disposing of an un-impressionable property, despite the fact that it may be in a leafy part of the town.

    As stated earlier, there’s nothing that adds that enticing glamour to your property than a fresh coat of roofing paint. The gleam, astuteness and boldness of a freshly painted roof will attract hordes of potential buyers to your doorstep if you’re looking to sell.

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