Home owners in Brisbane that are in need of a roof painting and restoration contractor may be uncertain about where to begin on their search for the right team. Just like in any other trade, there are bad roofing contractors and there are good roofing contractors. Making the wrong choice could compromise the safety, security and value of your home and your home’s contents.

That’s why it is extremely important to find an exceptional roofers Brisbane team the first time. Here are the top tips to help find a trusted, reputable and reliable roofing company and ensure that you receive the best possible roof painting or roof restorations in Brisbane, Queensland.

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Following these tips will definitely save you time and money as you add more value to your property and protect your belongings from possible leak damage.

The sections below relate to all roofing services including:

  • Roof painting
  • Roof restoration
  • Full roof replacement (re roofing)


1. Licensing

Under no circumstances should you consider an unlicensed roofer. Licensing for roofing contractors Brisbane providers protects you by ensuring that you’re dealing with a legitimate company and the contractor has the right qualifications for the job. By choosing a licensed contractor, you will be able to keep the quacks out and enjoy better consumer protection.

Roofing licenses in Queensland (Australia) are issued by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC). Two classes of general licenses are issued which include: Nominee Supervisor and Trade Contractor. Any person or company that works on roofing tasks valued more than $3,300 should obtain the necessary license/s. However, it is a requirement that a roofing contractor holds one or both of the following licenses: Roof Tiling and Roof & Wall Cladding respectively.

So make sure your roof painting or roof restoration contractor has current licenses for operating in Queensland, and is in good standing with the licensing authorities listed above and trade associations, such as:

2. Insurance

Insurance is another important qualification of a reliable roof painting or roof restoration contractor. All reputable roofing companies Brisbane service providers will have insurance. The insurance protects you from any damages that may arise from your roof restoration job. If you engage a roofer who doesn’t have insurance, you may be forced to pay out of pocket for any damages resulting from the job.

3. Credentials

Choose only a roofer who is properly trained and has the relevant skills, expertise and experience to do the job. Aside from licensing (which indicates that the roofer is qualified to undertake roof painting and restoration projects), be sure to check if the roofer is a member of a trade association. You can ask for their membership ID or check with the trade association itself.

4. References

Choosing the right roofer naturally requires some research. Don’t just check their credentials. Ask for customer referrals to find out about the projects they have undertaken in the last 12 months and whether or not their customers where happy and satisfied with their work. Call the references and speak to them to gauge the quality and reputation of the roofer.

5. Create a shortlist and pick the best roofers Brisbane team from your checklist

Put together a shortlist of qualified roofing contractors Brisbane providers (who are licensed insured and experienced) in your area who appear to be the most reliable and trustworthy. Contact these roofing companies Brisbane firms to confirm their qualifications and ask for a quote. Ask for a written estimate that includes everything that needs to be done.

When evaluating the roofers Brisbane providers on your list, don’t just pick the one with the lowest price. Check the details of the estimate carefully, including explanations of price and inclusions in the cost, and pick the most reputable company with a fair quote.

Part of the quote should include a warranty on the workmanship. A reputable roof painting and restoration contractor in Brisbane will always stand behind their work with a workmanship warranty.

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