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There’s no denying that a majority of home-owners pay little, if any attention at all to the roof of their homes. And mostly because only a few of us with a keen eye for detail will see this part of the property. If anything, you can only see it clearly and up close if you take the trouble to climb up on top of the property – like in the case of a small leak.

Either way, even though some home-owners may be tempted to ignore it, it should go without saying that any responsible property owner ought to be on the front line of taking timely measures to ensure the longevity of your home or commercial building’s roof, including prompt roofing repairs, roof painting and roof restoration services as needed.

At the end of the day, the roof forms the first line of defence against weather vagaries such as winds, scorching sun, Brisbane storms, etc. Speaking of which, regular roof maintenance and painting is not only one of the easiest ways of maintaining the state of a roof but also the cheapest compared to other alternatives such as galvanising or a full structural replacement.

We at Roof Painters Brisbane are here to deliver an amazing result to your home or commercial property. We will work with you and offer you the best advice and solution upon inspection of your roof.
We have many years experience servicing the Brisbane area (northside & southside suburbs) and specialise in:

Why Choose Us as Your Roof Painter


We have a proven record of accomplishment and are a trusted & reputable roofing company in Brisbane, Australia. We ensure that all projects are done with utmost professionalism using quality materials and workmanship.


We strive to complete all projects with integrity, not just with our clients, but also our suppliers and contractors. We arrive when we say we will and stand by our reputation.


We commit to completing all projects within the timeline set with our clients. We use the best of technology and tools to ensure that all jobs are done quickly, while also giving attention to detail to ensure the quality outcome you'd expect.


Our network of Licensed Local Roofers in Brisbane are fully licensed and insured. We can't stress enough how important this is when you are looking for leading roofing specialists to work on your home.

Our promise as a roofing contractor is to build community value into every project while delivering professional expertise, exceptional customer service & quality workmanship.


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